Top Online Dating Sites

eharmony eHarmony is the #1 online dating site in our books. We reviewed data from previous users, popularity, and user click through from our sites. eHarmony ranks #1 in the number of people clicking through coupon codes through our site. eHarmony enjoys being the company that is almost synonymous with online dating and used in movies and news articles when referencing online dating. It also boasts of having the largest group of members on its site who are seeking long term relationships. 
chemistry is number two in our list of top online dating sites. goes head to head with eHarmony in using personality tests. The results are used to introduce you to its personalized match.With backing from, it has risen in popularity. It doesn’t cost as much as eHarmony and have great promotions ongoing (3 months for the price of 1 and 3 days free).
match is one of the largest online dating site in terms of its members. They are also one of the oldest dating site back in 1995. They had some downfall with some bad press but still have a strong following and people interested in signing up for this mega dating site. is different from eHarmony as it allows each member to use its extensive filters to find your match. If you do not want to spend hours on lengthy questionaire and want sole control of searching through available members, this is the best side. Take advantage of their discount right now for 20% off).
After being featured in several prime time TV shows and movies, appropriately sits behind the likes of eHarmony and / gives you best of both worlds. It has its Duet Total Compatibility System to help you find the right person and it allows you to search its members.
5. is the newcomer on the block. They allow each member to post and read date ideas. This allows you to express your interests as well as seeing what interests others. If you are not a creative person, it may be difficult to come up with a dating idea that stands out. They recently rolled out its couples service where they would offer date conceirge or ideas for couples.

eHarmony slowly redesign their website to magazine-style

eHarmony Rolls Out Cleaner, Magazine-Style Redesign. Mashable reported today eHarmony’s metamorphosis to a more modern look and clean design throughout their website. It starts with a more updated and modern look at the profiles. This is almost app-like. Very nicely done by eHarmony. Not only did they refresh the profiles, the matching page, and the questionnaire has a refreshed look as well. Once you complete a questionnaire, you will have access to the results in what they call, “The Book of You”. The first few sections of the book is free but if you want to read more, you will need to become a paying member.

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Eharmony-new-profile-page1 Online Dating Promotion Free Communication May 2013 is having a free communication weekend starting Friday May 10 2013 to May 12 2013. Take advantage of this by siging up right now via the below link. Free communication is where paid and non paying members can freely interact with each other. Typically, when a non-paying member reaches out to someone, they will be redirected to a payment page to enter credit card info before you may contact the individual behind the profile. However, with free communication, you will be able to reach out. There is increased activity during the weekend with non paying and paying members so it is a great time to try it out. Don’t hesitate, try it now! 3 Days Free 300x250